frequently asked questions


Last Updated – 06/13/2021

You probably have some questions about this website. Well, we aim to answer them.

Are these your typewriters?

No. These are pulled directly from eBay listings.

Why are you running a website with a bunch of eBay listings?

We are eBay affiliates. We create websites around niches that interest us and then pull in product feeds for those niches.

Do you have more websites like this?


So this website is just to make money?

Not necessarily. We only build websites around niches that truly interest us. Our intention is to create a website that is a resource to others interested in the same topic. This includes history, fun facts, tips, and more.

Do you have a [insert model here]?

No, I’m sorry, we don’t actually stock any typewriters. If you’re on the lookout for a particular model, you can monitor eBay automatically by following these instructions.

Is eBay really the best place to buy typewriters?

eBay is the best place to find used items that you can’t find other places. You are more likely to find a rare model you’ve been looking for on eBay than anywhere else.